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Tradies You’ll Need When Renovating Your Home

Home renovation is something that homeowners usually think about every couple of years. After all, every homeowner wants to own a house that’s customized to meet all their specific needs. After buying a house or building one, some adjustments have to be made to ensure it fits the owner perfectly. Home renovation projects are usually handled by several tradies. They include:

i) Plumbers

You will need to hire a plumber if the renovation touches on the kitchen, bathroom toilet, or any other part of the house that’s connected to the plumbing system. Plumbers can replace old water supply pipes and aged drain pipes. They can also install new plumbing fixtures, including bathtubs, toilet seats, sinks, shower heads, and faucets among others.

ii) Electricians

Whether you need a new socket outlet or you want to install lighting and air conditioning in a newly-created bedroom, you will have to hire an electrician. Electricians are professionals who have been trained on how to handle electrical systems and appliances. Anything electrical can be taken care of by these professionals.

iii) Carpenters

It is the job of a carpenter to handle all woodwork in a home renovation project. However, carpenters can also handle steel and other materials especially when it comes to erecting structures. If you need extra shelves in your bathroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom, a carpenter will take care of your needs.

iv) Tilers

The laying of kitchen and bathroom tiles, both on the wall and the floor, is usually done by tilers. While plumbers and other types of trades may claim to be able to do tiling, you should hire an expert who has specialized in tiling.

v) Glaziers

A glazier deals primarily with glass. Anything with glass in your home can be fixed, replaced, or installed by a glazier. Think of windows and doors that have glass. If you plan to install a new stylish and energy-efficient window as part of your home renovation project, you will have to hire a glazier. When you hire a qualified local glazier, you can be assured of proper window installation. You do not want your home to have a poorly-installed window as this can reduce its energy efficiency. After all, heated air may be able to escape to the outside. During summer, hot air from outside the house may find its way into your air-conditioned home. Hiring a qualified glazier is important in ensuring you get value for money.

vi) Builders

You will need to hire a qualified builder to demolish old walls and put up new walls during the home renovation project. The builder will handle all structural work in the home renovation project. It is important to note that the builder will coordinate all the other trades to ensure the project comes together perfectly.

Guide to Hiring a Tradie

When planning a home renovation project, you must consider many factors before hiring a given contractor. This includes;

i) Licensing

This is the most important factor to look into when searching for a suitable tradie. Only qualified tradesmen and women who have been accredited by local authorities should get any consideration. Licensing is proof that a professional is qualified to offer the required services.

ii) Experience

When it comes to trades, only the most experienced tradesmen and women should get any consideration. Be sure to compare both the years of industry experience and number of clients served. The most experienced tradesmen and women usually offer the highest quality of service.

iii) Cost

Be sure to ask all the contractors you have shortlisted to give you their quotes. A comparison of the quotes will help you pick the right tradie for your budgetary needs. However, cost should be the last thing to consider when doing your research.

iv) Reputation

After working on different types of home renovation projects for different clients, a contractor would have developed a great reputation or a bad one. By considering the reputation different contractors have developed, you will be able to pick the right tradie for the job. Be sure to read reviews and check ratings before you make a decision.