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Creating Ambiance With Gardens

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When you’re creating ambience in your garden, you can use the golden hour to your advantage. This time of day is serene and transforms every element in the space. With the right lighting scheme, you can recreate this time of day in your garden. For inspiration, check out our article on Nautical lanterns, LED jars, and Festoon lights. And, don’t forget to add some fairy lights.

Festoon lights

If you’re looking for a soft overhead light for your garden, consider installing festoon lights. Their versatile nature allows them to be draped over pagodas, along balconies, and even in between trees. And because they don’t require attachment to the tree or to the house, you can hang a chain of festoon lights across the garden for dramatic evening looks. They’re also a great choice for renters!

Paper lanterns

One of the easiest ways to create an atmosphere with garden lanterns is to create them yourself. Paper lanterns can be made from recycled items, such as empty tin cans. For the exterior, use punched holes to create a design, or trace an outline of the shape on a sheet of paper. Make sure to space them far enough apart so that light can easily pass through. Alternatively, you can buy inexpensive globe shades at a thrift store and combine them with old Christmas lights. Regardless of your style, you’ll need an outdoor-rated extension cord for the lights.

Nautical lanterns

To add ambience to your garden or patio, try using a nautical lantern. This lantern style incorporates rope, a common motif in sailing and boating. Its subtle illumination creates a sultry atmosphere, and is a great choice for those who want to create a coastal-themed environment without having to incorporate more obvious decorative elements. You can purchase lanterns like this at Pottery Barn or similar stores. Alternatively, you can hang LED light curtains on trees or pergolas.

LED jars

If you’re looking for a new way to spruce up your garden, you can consider incorporating LED jars into your landscaping. These decorative light fixtures come in various shapes and sizes and are ideal for illuminating your surroundings and setting the mood for any occasion. These can also be used indoors. They are easily recharged with a little bit of sunlight and are available in rust-proof and starry varieties.

Log burners

Wood burning stoves are the cosy way to heat a garden room or summerhouse. Not only do they add a warm atmosphere, they also create a visual impact. And because they use wood, you won’t have to worry about bringing waste wood inside the house. Wood burning stoves can also be used in contemporary garden rooms or garden structures, as long as they’re under 5kW in power output.

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